Folkies and Footsies

Sidmouth Folk Festival

Sidmouth Folk Week is a unique week-long seaside celebration of music, dance and song taking place right on our doorstep!

There has been a folk festival in Sidmouth in the first week of August every year since 1955, now attracting tens of thousands of visitors to over 700 diverse events with broad ‘something for everyone’ appeal.

From concerts to small intimate sessions, ceilidh dancing and lively roots parties, there is great family entertainment, story telling and youth-centred master classes, Spectacular dance displays and lots of informative workshops you can join in with. The whole town comes alive with a festive atmosphere as holidaymakers and festival goers join together in a music-based holiday like no other.

Our visitors love the festival and the weather this year was perfect, they danced, watched Morris Men battling in clogs with bells and sticks to win the Jig competition and joined in with Ceilidh, they sang, played and listened to bands. They sampled “Fancy That’s” Goat Curry on the seafront, and maybe a Burger or two! and loved a Tea and cake in Blackmore Gardens area listening to a storyteller and watching the hubbub of people looking around the craft stalls.

And when your coming back late at night a Festival Bus runs until midnight on a circular town route so no walking at the end of a busy day. You can wake up to another fantastic Breakfast and then off down town for some more fun and festivities. So book your room for next years event, the early bird and all that! and you may like us to pack you one of our picnics to enjoy on the beach for a tasty treat with no queuing!

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