Sidmouth Donkey Sanctuary Visit

Hee Haw

Just a stones throw from The Salty Monk is the famous Sidmouth Donkey Sanctuary. “We”, Isca my friend and I, love walking up there, miles of safe paths and Donkeys in fields, barns and yards.

Everyone loves Donkeys slightly comical with their big ears (even bigger than mine!) and that funny noise they make, hysterical no way I sound that bad when I sing! Mind you they do laugh at me when I blow on their noses!

Sorrels Blog visits Sidmouth Donkey Sanctuary

Donkeys love Dandelions

Don't feed the donkeys, Donkeys love Dandelions

The Donkey sanctuary - Blissful happinessThey have a fabulous new Restaurant and Visitor Centre with helpful volunteers, they love us, or maybe just me actually as Isca slobbered on one of them the other day, you cant take him anywhere! They even provide Water bowls for a quick drink, or wash! Small hoomans are well catered for with Ice creams, play areas, a trail quiz and lots of opportunities to touch velvety noses!

Clever hoomans knit and croquet more donkeys, mum says this is to raise money for welfare and research not to make more donkeys, its not a factory! You can join in at Get crafty.

If you want to walk further you can walk down to the Beach at Weston, Sidmouth or join the Jurassic Coastal Path and walk to Branscombe, Beer or Seaton depending on your fitness level. A nice man on a Jurassic coast Bus can drop you back to the Sanctuary if your tired out. There are watering holes enroute for hoomans and four legged friends, a great Café on the Beach at Branscombe before a steep hill up towards Beer, where mum lags behind and we have to keep checking she’s still coming. The view from the top is fabulous, and there are lots of Bunny holes to check out too. If you get to Beer, you can see the fishermen on the beach and enjoy more ice cream! Beer was runner up in channel 4’s Village of the Year competition with Penelope Keith, Broughshane won but as that is in Ireland technically Beer won in England, or at least that’s what mum said! Beer Devon

Every May The Sidmouth Donkey Sanctuary have a week long event showing all the great work they do. Visitors can get up close and personal with the donkeys here at 3 farms in Sidmouth area and then a couple a short coach trip away, there are demonstrations, guest speakers and social events in the evenings.

Phone: 01395 578222


There are 7 sanctuaries in this country and they also work worldwide as a voice for donkeys, as not everyone understands the crucial role that donkeys still play in modern society. By educating those communities, they hope to raise the Donkeys’ status and future generations will learn how to maximise their incredible value.

It’s a fab visit and maybe I’ll see you there, my pal is the one that slobbers keep clear!

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